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 Tasty Tailgate Selections

Chicken Wings by the dozen -Sticky, crispy chicken wings, celery sticks and ranch dip

Choice of Sauce: Spicy, Asian, Honey or Traditional, Sold by dozen $13.95

Fried Mac n Cheese Bites

Seasons House Pepper Jelly (sweet and sour savory sauce)

Sold by the dozen $12.00~

Queso Sold by the quart

Tri-colored Tortilla Chips & Fresh Salsa Chips Sold by the pound

Loaded Nachos topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream,

green onions, jalapeno, chili and olives

Feeds Small 4-5 Medium 10-12  Large 20 -24

Chicken Fingers with honey mustard Sold by the dozen

Spicy Meatballs Sold by the dozen

Bacon and Cheddar Sliders Sold by the dozen

Bloody Mary Sliders

Burger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and house made vodka-tomato chutney Sold by the dozen

Smoked Applewood Pork Sliders Sold by the dozen

Coleslaw Sold by the quart

Pimento Cheese Dip and Cracker Sold by the quart

7 Layer Dip tomatoes, beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Guacamole & olives Sold by the quart

Vegetables & Dip Small 4-5 Medium 10-12  Large 20 -24

Hearty Chili

Classic hearty beef chili, tomatoes, red beans and spices Sold by the quart

Buffalo Chicken Dip Sold by the dozen

Stuffed Parmesan and Sausage Mushrooms Sold by the dozen

CRAVE Bakery Desserts Sold by Dozen

Magic Bars, Oreo Cookie Dough Cheesecake Blast, Sea Salt Carmel Shortbread,

Chocolate Brownies