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"We wanted to do ordinary food in an EXTRAORDINARY way." -Mark Bergstrom

Julie Ellis and Mark Bergstrom are co-owners of Seasons Cafe and Catering. Combined, they share a wealth of culinary knowledge that stems from experiences traveling the world and also working in some of the nations top restaurants. Their goal.. to make scratch-made food better than anyone else. 

" we do all of our own remoulades and aiolis, we smoke our own pastrami and bacon. We do this classic food, but with a little Southern flair." -Julie Ellis

The pair met at Virginia College of Culinary Arts, where he is the program director, and she was a student. Julie, in a life before culinary, spent her time as a teacher before working for American Express for a 9 year stretch in Asia before moving back to American. Once returned, she decided to follow her life-long passion of the Culinary Arts. Mark has a distinguished culinary career as he has worked in acclaimed restaurants in Boston and London. This career then lead him to teach at Virginia College of Culinary Arts. 

"Passion for food, that's something you can't teach." -Mark Bergstrom

Julie and Mark valued each others' talents and passion and decided to partner up to bring the Upstate of South Carolina a restaurant where the words "fresh" and "delicious" live up to their reputation.  

I love beautiful food, and I like getting to use my personal touch."- Julie Ellis

The public sees this pairs true passion through the service and food they provide. They see it through the artfully beautiful food spreads at catered events and through the well thought-out dishes provided during their popular lunches and Friday night dinners at the cafe.  


Story by the Greenville Journal, for full story see link below.


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